IV. on the wealth gap & socialism

Surely all this talk about a widening wealth gap is meaningless if everyone is better off? / In Maggie T.’s words, would you rather the poor poorer as long as the rich are less rich?


III. on coffee & loneliness

another nothing day of writing and drinking coffee and talking to a friend and worrying about my crippling loneliness and being shocked in spite of myself in that I will soon have been single for five years / yay! / how long until I actually just cave and download an internet dating app? / joys / sleep!

II. on American Sniper & the glorification of dead Muslims

So American Sniper is a pretty good film / Thought Bradley Cooper was v. good / Much better than I thought he’d be, anyway / And I don’t think it glorifies killing Muslims at all / It shows nearrealistic depictions of battles against Al-Qaeda, & if you see any glorification in there then it is glorifying killing people who are ideologically and in practise trying to kill you and your countrymen