VI. on the Muslim Manifesto

Big surprise: Muslim organisation that supports regulation of speech is supported by Labour. / Plus a revisionism that shouldn’t exist. The Qur’an does support the murder of innocents, it is also against it — just like most other religious texts — especially the Abrahamic faiths, which support and denounce almost every aspect of human life at some point — it was likely written by a few people over a period of time, describing great ideas such as the Golden Rule and spiritual growth, but also describing horrible ideas like crusade and jihad. / Wherever bad ideas exist, denial and censorship are not the answers. / But anyway, wherever weakness, perversion of natural law, wishfulthinking-based censorship, thinly-veiled Marxism & topdown rule is found, Labour won’t be far behind. / (And no, I clearly haven’t read it yet. . . .)


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