VIII. on anti-discrimination laws

In the last 5 years, out of about 500 cases of racial discrimination pertaining to employment disputes, only 3 have held up.

The non-verbatim quotation is from the B.B.C. Anti-discrimination laws, — like in America — do not help anyone in practise, make it harder for people of any race and gender to be hired, & ruin relations between staff. / Obviously I’m pro-Free Market, and wherever we’ve seen discrimination within the last fifty or so years, or wherever racism has come into public knowledge about any company or employer, they instantly get boycotted by everybody, not just those those racist or bigoted employers wish to ostracise. / Because people have become less bigoted overall, & if the race relations acts and the multiculturalism theories of the 90s and 00s have achieved anything, it’s at least to reduce stereotypes everywhere.

This is not to say that business prior to fifty years ago had an easy time of discriminating; in fact if a business owner wants to only employ (for example) straight cis white men, those white men will know that they can charge more for their work because their arsehole employer will employ only them. This will mean that their employer will lose money, be priced out of the market, — this has happened consistently throughout history in every sphere of business — & eventually that employer has to either change his hiring policy, resign and let someone better make those decisions, or they will go out of business (and the Free Market will be better off without them): this is not a naïve idea; this is a proven and inevitable economic pattern. / And that is without the effect of boycotts and peaceful protests by rational people, who should be legally allowed — and are morally obligated — to shame, boycott, protest, spread the word, campaign against, &c. bigots and racists.

People have changed, the human race has evolved into a better kind (at least the western world has), & I think these laws have always been counterproductive, but if I haven’t argued that, I think that they’re definitely outdated.


2 thoughts on “VIII. on anti-discrimination laws

  1. I’m not familiar with the UK’s laws but I like what you have to say. Wherever there’s a genuine Free Market (but other than the so-called ‘black market’ does one actually exist, anywhere?) competition forces standards up and prices down. Win/win all around.

    And sweet fuzzy motives (oh, really?) notwithstanding—people cannot be compelled to like other people. It can’t be done.

    1. Absolutely true! There have existed a number of times markets which have been “free enough”, but eventually the government steps in to support this regulation or this company to create a monopoly (usually with good intent) and things go downhill.

      Right again, and if a man is not infringing on another man’s property or bodily rights, that man has no basis on which to attempt to force the other to change.

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