XV. on the gym having no mirrors & the general election

there aren’t any mirrors on one floor of my gym. this has benefits that are also negative. / for example, you aren’t put off becoming red and sweaty on the treadmill, and making your orgasm face while doing your last two heavy reps, BUT you are red and sweaty, and everyone has now seen your orgasm face — and not the one you put on during passion, either; the one after angry fucking that we don’t let girls see. / also, there’s no way for someone on the treadmill next to you to spy on you all sneaky without you knowing, — they’d have to turn and face you — BUT you also can’t admire a guy or girl working out near you without just full-on staring, the result being that you’re now seen as homosexual or a pervert.

anyway, our general election is getting really bloody close, the propaganda machine is in full swing, & it’s getting close to when the main parties — I don’t mean in the sense of two-party politics; there are a lot of important parties this time around! — are going to break out the big guns. and by big guns I mean the newspapers are going to get a few anonymous tips, soon. / yeah, this should have been two separate posts, but I don’t want to spam when I haven’t much to say.


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