XVII. on sexuality & religion

So how old were you guys when you realised that sexuality doesn’t exist? / The people arguing for legal recognition and societal representation of alternative sexualities are are bad as those who argue for the law to recognise only straight relationships. Just be with who you want to be with — with due consideration of age ranges! / N.B. In respect of religious belief: if you are part of a religion which condemns samesex relationships — because there are no religions which condemn actually being gay; just acting on it — then either conform with your religion, be prepared to leave the backwards, intolerant religion, or accept that in the eyes of your religion you are a sinner.


2 thoughts on “XVII. on sexuality & religion

  1. Homosexuality goes back so far into history that we truly do not understand it.
    My hypothesis on evolution is the male of the species will stick his “business” into anything; because it feels good. That would include a knot hole if there were no splinters.
    My thinking there is that if you mix enough DNA, something will gel and provide a viable form of life, hence the reason we still have monkeys and apes and chimpanzees and also the reason we have forms of donkeys who are born sterile. There is also history of sheep human creatures which were not viable and did not live. “That is probably a good thing.”
    Religious types don’t like this so they discount it however; I am a huge proponent of discovering the truth and then owning it whether I like it or not.
    Much like Copernicus, I value the truth above any religion or precept of it by man. Thank goodness the church no longer has the power to have me drawn and quartered as a heretic!
    Early Romans slept with other men and it was very much normal for them. When it was time to procreate, women actually shaved their heads to appear more masculine to get men to sleep with them.
    In Sodom and Gomorrah, men slept with men and preferred it. When the angels came into town the homeowner offered up his own daughters as a sacrifice to protect the angels so the “men of the town” would not rape his guest.
    Speaking of biblical definitions of marriage, Solomon had 500 wives and as many concubines. When was marriage defined as between one man and one woman?
    I personally don’t give a flip who sleeps with whom. Love is a rare commodity and wherever you find it you find it. My issues are when you bring it into my living room and shove it into my face and demand that I accept / embrace a lifestyle that is alien to me.
    I also feel the same way about men and women being overly romantic in public. Keep it to yourself in your own home.
    It is not mine or yours or anyone else’s job to judge what is right or wrong as long as you are breaking no laws.
    Have a great Day!

    1. I agree with most of what you’re saying; but I really don’t believe it needs explaining. Things which are harmful to individuals need explaining, & it’s fair to say that being gay and living gay doesn’t! / About animals, there are species of snake which pretend to be women to be “impregnated” while they go after the real women; using homosexuality just as a tool. /

      I think Roman women removed their hair because the men did, in turn to avoid being thought of as “barbarians”, ” unbarbered”. / 99% of the biblical references to marriage are between one man and one woman; King Solomon was branded a bigamist and a sinner even at the time, & as a result of his many pagan wives he worshipped false Gods towards the end of his life. / (I’m not religious, by the way!) /

      You too! And thank you for commenting, Timedok!

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