XXI. on the “challengers’ debate”, modern opposition politics, & the general election

Watching the live coverage of the “challengers’ debate” on the B.B.C. yesterday was just a little bit depressing. I only came into it to watch the last twenty minutes, but the tactic seems to have become disparaging your opposition for 99% of the time, & making vague promises to “working people” for 1% of the time. There were four leftwing proponents on stage, who seem to have taken for granted that conservatism and lowering the budget of the central government were idiotic, outdated, laughable ideas, when, depending on the election and the poll, 55-60% of the country disagrees with them. Maybe Farage‘s contention that the audience were handpicked was true. / Now, I understand that this sort of badmouthing is not a new phenomenon; even Disraeli was partial to a bit o’ banter; upon being told by his opposition Gladstone that he would likely die at the gallows or of the pox, he replied:

That depends, sir, upon whether I embrace your principles or your mistress.

But I do think it’s gone a bit too far. / Also, I usually enjoy political debate regardless, but with two leftist separatist parties on the stand, one climate change maniac, & one selfprofessed-socialist bandwagon high jump champion, it was a really masturbatory thing to witness. / Watching Farage‘s confused and bored and slightly disgusted face as they attempted to out-progressive each other was priceless.


2 thoughts on “XXI. on the “challengers’ debate”, modern opposition politics, & the general election

  1. I’m confused as to how you could possibly consider Labour, the SNP or Plaid Cymru as ‘left-wing’, but I’m alarmed that the political narrative in this country (and particularly in the US) has shifted so far to the right in the last five years that some people seem to consider the Regan administration to be ‘left-wing’ – not to mention the enormous rise of neoliberalism under Blair that took a traditionally left-wing party well over to the right and sold us out to millionaires.

    The core of socialism is that every worker deserves adequate compensation for their work to afford a reasonable standard of living. This is not possible when those at the very top, who are (for the most part) only there through nepotism rather than merit, earn literally hundreds of times more than their lowest paid workers – without whom they would have no earnings at all. On top of that, those who are unable to work also deserve a decent standard of living simply because they are human beings, and it is up to us as a species to help those less well-off than ourselves lest we become nothing but animals.

    No socialist is saying you cannot be richer than someone else; instead we ask that you share some of your wealth to improve the entire world instead of hoarding it Smaug-like, happy that you have a bigger number than everybody else even though you could never, ever actually use it just for yourself or your family.

    The likes of Farage (who is an ex-city banker that made his fortune leading up to the 2008 crash by exploiting a poorly-regulated financial sector) and Cameron (who inherited his wealth entirely, originally coming from his family’s investment in the slave trade) are the ones that prey on the illusion of a ‘middle class’, inviting you to kick down on those below you when the penny-shavings the mythical ‘scroungers’ below you get from your income tax is utterly insignificant compared to the billions we spend topping up the wages of those who -do- work, in much harder jobs and for much longer hours than I, simply because their employers (and society at large) has deemed them unworthy of reasonable compensation for their labour.

    Since I know you’ve read my blog and I’ve read yours, I doubt you’ll agree with a word I’ve said but I hope you realise that I think that you deserve a good life just because you’re a human being; I just wish you’d see that it’s not immigrants or those on welfare that are keeping you from reaching your apex. But thank you for visiting my rage-vent!

    1. On “leftwing”: All that’s meant is the statist, socialist, left-leaning, collectivist, groups-over-individuals mindset. The left/rightwing rhetoric is fairly pointless nowadays, anyway, because what does rightwing mean any more?

      On “adequate”: Who decides what is ” adequate”? In a free market with no job control, no wage control, little-to-no regulation, &c., the people do, by deciding who they work for, who they give their labour to, & when there are more jobs than people, the wages get steadily higher at a rate made fair by the whole of society. Regulation, high taxation, only hurts the economy, & the lower and middle-classes are hurt by this much sooner than the rich.

      On charity: those unable to work in manual labour are able to work elsewhere, those deaf can work where their hearing is not needed, those blind where their sight is not needed, &c. And those that purely cannot work, or have done their “fair share”, &c., deserve being looked after. When this was a moral point of contention; to avoid becoming “animals”, it was done perfectly. The explosion in privately-run, free to the public institutions when the market was / is truly free is a miracle of human morality. When it is a tax it is squandered, wasted, reviled, taken for granted, expected, claimed when not deserved, &c.

      On “hoarding”: The majority of the richest of people have a tiny percentage of their wealth as liquid funds. Instead, it is tied up in other businesses, investments, stocks, property, private charities, funds, infrastructure, political contributions, &c. Where cronyism exists, & a politician is backing a rich person and vice-versa, something should be done, & under a smaller government, something would be, naturally.

      On “2008 crash”: Those words are careful but misleading; it was not due to an under-regulated financial sector, but a poorly-regulated one. This is an important distinction, but still attempts to put the blame on the market, rather than on the government’s meddling in interest rates.

      No problem! Thank you for commenting! I wish you a good life also, & I wish you’d see that it’s regulation, high taxes and market meddling that keep us from reaching our apex.

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