XXIII. on Ed Miliband’s S.N.P. warning

Ed Miliband has warned the Scots not to vote for the S.N.P., because it would be a wasted vote. He cites his belief that progressivism and the leftwing will walk away with a clear victory this election, & so it becomes a question of how the government will be formed. He has ruled out a coalition with the S.N.P., he made his plan known at the challengers’ debate, & has now solidified it. / His thinking is that if half of Scotland votes for the S.N.P., it will make it impossible for Labour to win an outright majority. / But of course, that’s not the be-all, end-all. The Scots voting for the S.N.P. makes their wishes known. Remember that 45% of the country wanted a complete separation from the United Kingdom. Miliband — and I believe all the other parties — have denied the possibility of another referendum any time soon, so of the 45% of the country who hold separation as the most important point in the election, the choice is clear. / Hey, Scots, vote for what’s in your heart! I think the country (and everyone within it) would be much better off avoiding Labour altogether, so my position is obvious and a bit shameless, but that doesn’t change the fact that until by-elections if you vote with your heart you will have voted in S.N.P. members to represent your wishes in government, rather than Labour M.P.s who have nothing to gain by arguing for your separation, or in fact for any point that Ed Miliband disagrees with. . . . / Seems that in his attempt to show that he is “tough enouss”, he has alienated much of his party and flown off the “values” handle. . . .


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