XXIV. on the Garland shooting

You crazy stupid brave Americans. It’s definitely circumstances and events and outcomes like this that are cementing your place as my favourite country. Two gunmen likely with explosives attacked an American Freedom Defense Initiative and managed to shoot a security guard before police (a S.W.A.T. team?) shot them both dead. / I would victim-blame like some other people on the internet; say that it’s surely because of the Draw the Prophet Muhammad cartoon that they were attacked, & that the gunmen were likely extremists, but that would be a disgusting thing to do.

Freedom cannot be given, it can only be taken.

That’s a paraphrase from Sartre, talking about selfcreation. And with that decision to be free which no one can convince you out of, they can only take from you, you also invite all of the negative aspects of being truly free. In this case, the hatred and the jealousy of those who are not free. The ones who attended this rally, & in a small number of other cases, are people who are exercising their freedom (without harming others) to whatever end, & their right to do this is absolute.


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