XXVI. on the outcome of the General Election, & my birthday

The General Election came and went, & so did most peoples’ interest in politics as a whole. / As a country we have achieved a majority “conservative” government. It’s mostly to do with our strange—possibly unjust and outdated—FPTP system, but regardless, the voters of our country have found each other agreeing enough to create a majority government; and a majority conservative government at that. / It is a shocker to a lot of Labour voters (and Labour ministers; Red Ed perhaps most of all), & probably a shocker to many Conservative voters as well, who—listening at all to the B.B.C. or most media outlets over the past few months—believed it to swing heavily in Labour‘s favour. I did, for one. In fact I believed that progressivism—read socialism, in most cases—would rule one more, —and we would have a few years of terror and waste and indecency and failure and corruption and extortion—that is, until 2020 when things would even out to a Conservative government again. But no! We the People trusted Cameron enough to give him another shot. / It’s my birthday on Thursday; I’ll be 24. My plans for the Big Day: I think I’m going to go to the cinema and get an early night.


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