XXXII. on Donald Trump

All of the Trump hatred, Trump disdain, Trump denial and Trump confusion seems misguided. He is hated because he expressed certain opinions about girls and gays. I don’t think anyone against him has looked into these opinions. The disdain is a misunderstanding that he has no policies. I don’t know where this argument came from, but it is meaningless. If you are moving towards greatness, freedom, small government, then you need fewer policies, and you have to start chipping away at the monster. The denial is fun to watch, saying that he is a joke, meaningless, a fraud, just an egoist with no plan. These arguments again have no base, I think it’s mainly because they look into his political career and don’t find one. But is that a bad thing? He is playing the no backers card, and I don’t think that’s a gimmick. Cronyism is one of the massive problems in any society which has gradually bloated its government, recreating elitism. And when that happens to America, which was invented with very specific parameters to avoid that, it’s time for a change. The confusion gets to me a little, because it’s usually by smug, condescending intellectuals going down the How can they believe that? route. Look into what they believe and try to understand. And maybe then go to Friedman, Sowell, Hicks, Keynes, Smith. Try to understand Trump, and then vote for Cruz.


2 thoughts on “XXXII. on Donald Trump

    1. That would be grand :-). I hope Cruz to run things behind the scenes and Trump to be the face of the nation. I wish your country the best! (Plus I don’t want it ruined before I immigrate…)

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