X. on university loans

So my university loan started to be paid out of my wages. That’s pretty scary, as if I hadn’t done my degree I would be in the same position as I’m in now, but four years younger and almost £20,000 better off. I’m not passing the blame on someone else, & I’m very happy about my degree, — I don’t regret doing it — but there are many people I know who [I.] do regret it, [II.] are not in the career they wanted (about 70% of people are not in a career related to their degree), & [III.] are really understanding that the money they asked for was trusted to them incorrectly.

Again, I’m not passing blame to someone else; it was completely my decision to choose a humanities degree for my own personal development and understanding of myself and my interactions with other people rather than a sciences degree, or anything more applicable, / but maybe it shouldn’t be just up to me to take such a huge amount of money as a loan; it should have something to do with where the money’s coming from, who is giving me the money, what the money’s for, &c. Everyone should have the chance to do whatever they want, but for degrees less likely to result in highpaying jobs — like mine — maybe it should be more difficult? I don’t really have a solution. . . .

There is an argument for this in a post-scarcity world, but the problem with the uselessness of some degrees are regulations forcing universities to accept students and subsidies that go to people who might have a negligible chance to ever pay the money back (using their degree).